VS2008 Debug WEC7 Application - Breakpoint will not currently be hit. No executable code is currently loaded at this function

I have to port a C++ Win32 console application to WEC7. After I fixed some build and link errors I was able to create an executable that runs on the target. But I could not debug that application with Visual Studio, because the breakpoints were not hit, although the corresponding lines were

Visual Studio Device: Unsupported Instruction Set error while connecting to .Net CF CLR Profiler

I can't connect to my device using .Net CF CLR profiler . I receive the error Visual Studio Device: Unsupported Instruction Set . I'm using an ARM V7 processor running WEC7 with a USB ActiveSync connection. Any ideas why I might be getting this error ? 本文所载内容均为作者本人观点,与本站无关。 来源:https://stackoverflow

How can I programmatically determine if a table exists within a SQL Server CE database?

Back when I only had one table in my .sdf file, this code worked fine: const string sdfPath = @"\Program Files\duckbilled\Platypus.sdf"; string dataSource = string.Format("Data Source={0}", sdfPath); if (!File.Exists(sdfPath)) { using (var engine = new SqlCeEngine(dataSource)) { engine

NETCF 3.9 Released?

I was trying to open one of my old projects build with VS2008 and it has a class library targeted for Windows Mobile 6 devices (.NET Compact Framework 3.5). Since the good old VS2008, there is no support for mobile devices in VS, AFAK. Now i can read everywhere that VS2012 supports CF3.9 and mobile